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There are lots of avenues for the entire family to pursue their quest to be more active, to stay healthy and to avoid becoming overweight. If there are children, the family should find many chances to play sports, bike or run during the day or get at least an hour of moderate activity.

Moderate activities like walking fast and playing chase are good for breathing and speed up heartbeats. This is true for both adults and kids since everyone needs exercise to feel better, have more energy and become physically fit.

Parents can become the kids’ role models by initiating and encouraging physical activities. One of these activities can be skating, which is an enjoyable sport and exercise. The entire family can go skating, whether it is ice skating, roller skating or skateboarding.

Picking the Best Skates for Better Health

Skating is not just a sport but a form of art, a lifestyle and a culture. Anyone can benefit from it since it usually allows the skater to go outside, especially in the case of skateboarding. It is also an effective way to travel from one place to another. Here are the reasons why skating can be the healthiest activity a family can choose:

Benefits of Skating

Allows one to learn to how to fall. The skater would learn to avoid falling that would lead to injuries, as much as possible. Though if it still happens, the skater should know how to fall correctly. Such works to his advantage because he minimizes serious accidents and will be able to recover from trips, stumbles, slips and avoid falling on his face. 

Burns calories. Skaters burn calories while skating at about 150 to 500 calories an hour depending on the skate intensity.

Encourages practice and develops patience. Skating gives a person the chance to take calculated risks in an environment that is controlled and with real consequences, if not executed properly. The basics of skating must be practiced with patience to be mastered. 

Enhances coordination. A lot of coordination is involved with skating. The eyes, arms, legs and feet must coordinate with each other. The more practice a skater does, the more he will get used to this. Coordination is a good trait and has a vital application in real life. For instance, coordination applies to climbing, driving or multi-tasking. 

Gives full body workout. Skating requires one to move his legs and feet and use his arms to balance, while the body is twisting – all at the same time. 

Levels up physical endurance. Skating is enjoyable so people tend to do it for several hours per day and level up their physical endurance.

Provides flexibility. The sport provides flexibility, since the body should stay limber and the ankles should be flexible.

 Related to other sports. One’s skating skills can be used with other sports, such as wakeboarding, snowboarding and surfing.

Relieves stress. Skating provides stress relief, just like any physical activity. It takes one’s mind off from problems and stress, and helps him think clearly about things. It seems to help bring things into proper perspective, allowing the skater to feel more in control of his life.

Trains precision. Many motions are needed in skating to nail a trick or to align perfectly, so when one fails, he will try again. The skater then makes adjustments like placing his feet on board differently, as well as change speed or timing. 

Good for the overall health. Skating can eliminate the risk of health problems like obesity in children, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease since it reduces the levels of triglyceride and increase one’s “good” cholesterol.

It is fitness for the entire family. Skating can keep the entire family engaged and active. In ice skating, family members can stay in a single place as they are not required to group according to skating skills. Ice skating can be open to all levels so all family members can just huddle together.

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