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During our childhood and teenage years, playing sports games was part and parcel of the process of growing up. Our parents, themselves, pushed us to join these for recreation and for our health. However, it seems as though participating in basketball or hockey is just a bridge we pass by as we cross over to adulthood. Unfortunately, many fail to bring their enthusiasm in sports into their ripe age of being an adult.

Adulthood and Sports

According to a poll conducted by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, together with National Public Radio and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, there was a significant drop in sports participation by the age of 26. From 40% and 41% for of ages 18 to 21 and  22 to 25, it dropped all the way to only 26% among 26 to 49 year olds.

The poll also made efforts to determine why the significant drop occurs. From the reasons provided by the participants, it was concluded that the decline is due to the fact that sports, which was advantageous during childhood and teenage years, became a disadvantage for adults as they now have lack of interest, time, as well as access to sports. Furthermore, health issues also contributed to this.

Despite these results, it is still worth emphasizing the importance of sports in the life of an adult. As a matter fact, adults are much more in need of activities to keep themselves healthy. Sports offer tons of benefits for adults, here are some of the important ones.

The Benefits of Sports

  • Sports is great for physical exercise.

Even when you ask physicians and health professionals, they will tell you the same thing about adults–they need to be active. Unfortunately, constantly spending your free time on being a couch potato is not advisable as it may only expose you to more risks of health problems.

As we venture into adulthood, we start gaining more weight and aside from that, our muscles and bones become weaker; hence, being physically active like participating in sports is extremely important to keep our bodies in condition and to avoid being at risk of obesity, heart diseases, etc. Otherwise, we might find ourselves having a hard time doing simple things like standing up or sitting up.

benefits of sports

  • Sports soothes you psychologically.

Aside from physical changes, our adult minds also face greater psychological challenges. We can all agree that as we advance in life, there is an increase in the number of things that stresses out. From our own bills to pay down to the deadlines at work, some of us might often find themselves having a mental breakdown with all the problems. Luckily, participating in recreational sports does a great job in reducing our stress levels and anxiety. Sports allows us to have fun and bond with our family and friends and through this, we are able to shake off the bad vibes we may have been carrying around because of all the stress.

  • Sports is fun.

Sports is fun. Whether you win or lose, you still have fun. It’s a way of giving your mind a break. It is one of the greatest forms of entertainment that gives physical and psychological benefits. So without further ado, you might want to strap on your latest senior hockey skates before you hit the ice for some hockey.

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