fake sickness to skip school

Let’s face it, going to school is not always a pleasant experience for us. Unfortunately, parents are always on the guard on whether or not their kids attend their classes. For different reasons, many students are dying to skip their classes.

Aside from lectures being boring or schedules being to inconvenient, there could also be more serious reasons as to why students desperately find ways to stay at home. Whatever that reason is, there is a way for us to help you stay at home.

Before anything else, however, do keep in mind that we are not encouraging you to stop going to school altogether. The list posted below are only some ideas for skipping school; however, these excuses are and should be effective only every once in awhile or whenever it is duly needed.

The Excuses

  • Unfinished “Important” Assignment

Intentionally delay the work assigned to you, regardless if it is an important or not so important one. Since your parents would not want you to get an “F”, they would most probably allow you to stay home and come up with an excuse letter for your teacher.

  • Fake Sickness

Perhaps the most effective excuse to skip school is by feeling sick or pretending to feel sick. You can tell your parents about the unbearable stomach aches you are “experiencing”. You can also visit the loo more frequently to make it seem like you have an upset stomach.

In order to make this method valid at school, you can get a doctor’s excusePresent the note to your teacher for you to be be excused from your missed day.

unfinished homework for school

  • Wake Up Late

You can do this by snoozing the alarm every chance you get and sleeping in. You can even plan it ahead and stay up all night before the actual day. And when your parents barge into your room, tell them how it would probably be best for you to stay home other than attend school late. Staying out of school the entire day because of a “valid” reason might just be more excusable than being tardy for no reason.

  • Hide Important School Essentials

Whether it’s your books for your major subjects or the assignment that is due today, hiding these things will definitely be effective for parents to allow you to stay at home. Because these things are so important, parents would not risk the F grade and would probably just have you search the entire house for the missing thing.

The Bottom Line

Basically, in order for you to be wholeheartedly excused, your reasons must be valid and that is why the reasons are mostly related to things such as health, important paperwork for the grades, etc. When you do apply this creative thinking for skipping school, always make sure that you will not be caught in a lie in order to avoid greater punishment. So try your best to make it believable, as much as possible, and remember, do these tricks only every once in awhile and not all the time.

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