taking care of sick child

One of the biggest challenges when we play the role as parents is taking care of our sick child. It’s difficult for us watch our kids suffer even when they only have a mild cough or cold, it still bothers us a lot.

Ultimately, we want our sick kids to get better as soon as possible and this basically means that we have to follow some rules and tips as to how we can make them feel better by properly taking care of them.

Thus, this article will serve as a guide for parents in how they should be taking care of a sick child.

Tips in Taking Care

  • Allow them to rest.

When your kid is sick, they are weaker than the usual. Allowing them to rest as much as they can is one step in helping them feel better. Do not force them get up and go to school or do household chores as these may only worsen their condition.

  • Make sure they are comfortable.

Make sure your kid is resting comfortably in the couch or in bed; provide pillows and blankets and keep them in a place free from noise so they can rest fully. Elevating their head may also help them feel better if they have cough and colds. Ask them if they feel too cold or warm, adjust the room’s temperature according to what would be best for them. In addition, keep the place free from irritants; thus, do not do a general cleaning while your kid is sick.

  • Make sure they eat and keep them hydrated.

When kids are sick, they often lose their appetite. Most kids prefer to just sleep all day and miss out on meals. This should not be how it goes; as parents, we have to make sure that our kids eat even just a little. Give them food that can easily be eaten and digested; food such as crackers and fruits are a good choice.

Another important thing is to keep them hydrated. Fluids can perform small miracles as they can help clear out secretions, control fever and prevent nausea. You will have to force your child to drink up lots of clear liquids if you want them to get better fast.

medication for kids

  • Provide medication carefully.

If you opt to stay at home when looking to treat medical conditions then try Independent Pharmacy or online pharmacies that have licensed doctors and pharmacists who can give medical advice. Do not give random medication which you aren’t sure of. If you do give your kid medicine, you should know the rules as to how it should be given. You ought to monitor the time intervals and follow special instructions, if there are any.

  • Monitor symptoms and check if they are in pain.

Talk to your kid, if possible, and ask them about how they feel. Check if they are in pain and what part of their body is painful. Watch out for signs and symptoms such as fever, headaches, vomiting, diarrhea; monitor the number of times the symptoms occurred and if the symptoms are persistent, it may be best to bring them to the doctor right away.

Additionally, don’t overlook your child’s dental health as this may also possibly contribute to why she is sick.

  • Consult a pharmacist or visit the doctor.

If you aren’t sure about visiting a doctor, you may reach out to your trusted or local pharmacist to seek advice. You may ask help from them with regards to the proper medications; in turn, they may also advise you to seek the doctor if your case seems to need one.

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